FOX Beauty top tips for maintaining your CND Shellac nails 

Shellac by CND is a blend of gel and nail polish. Because of this, it can’t be used to extend the length of your nails, though it does add strength and durability during your wear. In comparison to traditional gels or acrylics, Shellac is much less damaging in the long run.

Although Shellac is a great, 2-week polish, the nails are not entirely indestructible. We’ve put together some tips to keep them looking FOX Beauty fresh:

  • Don’t pick at the CND Shellac nails – this can damage the natural nail
  • Noticing cracking of the polish? This can indicate that your nails are brittle or weak, let us know when you are next in and we will recommend a strengthening and conditioning treatment.
  • When gardening or doing household jobs, wear protective gloves as bleaches and detergents can cause peeling or lifting
  • As with other nail enhancements, use the CND Solar oil twice a day to enjoy fully moisturised and healthy looking cuticles. Remember – Shellac is a porous polish. This means that the oil will seep through to the nail underneath and keep it healthy.
  • If the Shellac regularly lifts off after a few days of you applying it, then your nails may be too oily. You may need to look at other alternatives that would better suit your nails
  • Shellac may not last as long as usual as hormonal changes or medication can affect your nail bed
  • Be aware that when you go swimming or relax in a Jacuzzi, the chlorine may lift the Shellac off of your nails
  • Going on holiday? Insect repellent and sun tan lotions can cause lifting of the Shellac. Be sure to fully wash your hands after applying, and avoid directly touching your nails with these products.

This Seasons CND Shellac colours are almost scrummy enough to eat!

Short on time? The Express Shellac Manicure will have you polished to perfection in no time.

Nails are cut, shaped & filed. Cuticles are pushed back, before hands are moisturised and the nail polish colour of your choice is applied.

Express Shellac Manicure 30 Min  –  £28 
Express Shellac Manicure 30 Mins  –  £28


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