• Waxing

    Half leg

    STRIP WAX - 30 MINS - £20
    HOT WAX - 45 MINS - £28

    Full Leg

    STRIP WAX 30 MINS - £36
    HOT WAX 45 MINS - £45

    Upper Leg

    STRIP WAX - 30 MINS - £20
    HOT WAX - 45 MINS - £28

    Half Arm

    STRIP WAX - 20 MINS - £15
    HOT WAX - 40 MINS - £22

    Full Arm

    STRIP WAX - 20 MINS - £25
    HOT WAX - 40 MINS - £40

    Under Arm

    STRIP WAX - 15 MINS - £10
    HOT WAX - 20 MINS - £17

    Belly Line

    HOT WAX - 15 MINS - £10


    HOT WAX - 15 MINS - £10


    HOT WAX - 15 MINS - £18

    Upper Lip

    HOT WAX - 15 MINS - £10

    Intimate Waxing

    Intimate waxing is a specialist treatment requiring meticulous precision and an experienced wax expert to minimize discomfort and get that flawless silky finish every time. For all Intimate waxing treatments we use only specifically designed hot wax, with careful application of pre and post nourishing oils to ensure a non-stick experience.

    Bikini touch up

    A quick tidy around the edges for a more natural look with a little more definition. Hair is removed from anywhere outside of a modest panty line.

    20 Mins £25

    G-String wax

    Following the line of a G-string brief for a higher cut bikini wax, without removing hair from the labia or bottom areas.

    20 Mins £30

    Brazilian wax

    Removal of all hair from the intimate bikini region (front and back), as well as sides and top of bikini area, leaving an area of hair shaped to your preferred size and width.

    30 Mins £35

    Hollywood wax

    All hair around the bikini area and intimate areas (front and back) is removed, leaving your skin flawless and smooth.

    40 Mins £40

    Times of treatments stated are guides and not actual set times.

  • Special Beauty Combinations

    Beach ready

    Brazilian OR Hollywood
    1/2 Leg
    Gel Manicure & Pedicure
    Eye Brow Shape & Tint

    3 Hrs £125

    Date night

    Express Gel Manicure
    Half set of graduated Faux mink individual eyelashes
    Eyelash Tint and Brow Tint

    2.5 Hrs £150

    City Sleek

    1/2 Leg wax
    Underarms, Brazilian or Hollywood
    Express Manicure & Pedicure
    Brow shape

    2 Hrs £145

    De-stress & Dazzle

    30 Min Customised Massage
    Luxury Pedicure
    Vitamin C Super Facial

    2 Hrs £185

    Frame the face

    Eye Brow Shape & Tint
    Eyelash Tint
    Full set of Real Mink or Russian Volume lashes

    3.5 Hrs £160

  • Manicure & Pedicure


    FOX luxe shape & polish manicure

    Express shape & paint, in your choice of colour, from our exclusive high gloss nail collection.

    30 Mins £22

    FOX luxe manicre

    Spa hand soak, trim, shape, cuticle work, intensive hydration massage and an application of your favourite colour from our exclusive high gloss nail collection.

    45 Mins £32

    Japanese manicure (no polish)

    Spa hand soak, cuticle work, hydration treatments are layered and buffed into your nails leaving a barely nude soft shimmer of pink pearl, for the most natural of nail treatments to actively strengthen your nails. Packed with anti-oxidants vitamins A & E, Keratin, Bee Pollen and Silica from the Sea of Japan. Makes a great breather and restorative treatment for fragile, un-smooth, dry or brittle nails. No polish is applied - for natural and nude nails this is the perfect bare nail manicure.

    40 Mins £35

    French polish

    Classic manicure (as above) including a classic light tip French polish.

    40 Mins £35

    Gel nails luxe manicure

    Full spa manicure, cuticle work, hydration massage, triple oil application, buff, file and paint. Dries instantly and lasts up to 14 days.
    Add a gel removal for £5

    40 Mins £35

    Gel nails shape & polish

    30 Mins £30

    Gel removal & Keratin treatment

    15 Mins £12

    Add a Gel Removal to a Manicure

    15 Mins £5


    Fox luxe shape & polish pedicure

    Express Shape & paint, your choice of colour from the Fox nails high gloss collection.

    30 Mins £30

    Fox luxe shape & polish pedicure

    Spa soak, shape, cuticle removal, foot exfoliation and intensive hydration foot massage, polish application of your choice and Seche Vite dry drops to finish.

    45 £38

    Gel nails shape & polish pedicure

    An express file and paint for those short on time, choose from an extensive range of colours from the CND Shellac polish range. Dries instantly and lasts up to 14 days. Please note this pedicure does not include any cuticle work, treatment massages, exfoliation, oils or buffing.

    35 Mins £28

    Gel nails luxe spa pedicure

    A full spa pedicure, foot soak, cuticle work, dead skin removal, hydration massage, cuticle oil application, buff, file and paint. Dries instantly and lasts up to 14 days.
    Add a gel removal for £5

    50 Mins £42

    Japanese pedicure (No polish)

    Leaving a barely nude soft shimmer of pink pearl, the most natural of nail treatments to actively strengthen your nails. Packed with anti-oxidants vitamins A & E, Keratin, Bee Pollen and Silica from the Sea of Japan. A great breather treatment for nails that are fragile, un-smooth or brittle.

    40 Mins £35

    Gel removal & Keratin treatment

    20 Mins £12

    Add a Gel Removal to a Pedicure

    15 Mins £5

  • Facials

    Oxygen ultrasonic cleanse & medical

    An advanced resurfacing facial using pure concentrated Oxygen that penetrates deep into lower layers of the skin. A professional oxygen ultrasonic cleanse, with a calming blue LED light using a concentrated glycolic wash followed by full medical microdermabrasion and a gentle enzyme mask or B5 hydration mask, finished off with a personalised cocktail of highly concentrated Vitamin Serums infused by pulsed oxygen.

    Using Medical grade aluminium crystals and a stronger vacuum that is far more effective than standard microdermabrasion treatments, giving deeper penetration guaranteeing better results. Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid applied after medical microdermabrasion has been clinically proven to increase the trans epidermal penetration 20 times more than a straight topical application.

    This facial is particularly good for problematic, congested and dull skin, treating fine lines, sun damage & uneven skin tone, Acne Prone skin, Blackheads & whiteheads, excessive oiliness and dry skin.

    75 Mins £145

    Pure oxygen & marine caviar facail

    A lactic acid milk cleanse, oxygen jet tone, followed by a targeted oxygen diamond head light microdermabrasion, paying attention to the T – Zone. Pulsed oxygen shots of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin, followed by a potent collagen mask Using concentrates of DNA Marine extract, 87% Collagen and Caviar extract. This facial has been designed to lighten and brighten the complexion and provide intense hydration. A facial for more mature, sensitive or delicate skin. Caviar is naturally rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts known for it’s repairing properties, stimulating deep tissue and enhancing skin tone, elasticity. A deep tissue massage using Vitamin E. A potent combination of ultra-performance active ingredients in one facial.

    90 Mins £140

    Collagen & Vitamin C facial

    An ideal facial for all who are seeking to prevent and repair their skin from ageing, sun damage, discolouration and acne scarring. It boosts the skin’s own collagen integrity, to make it appear plumper, smoother, more supple, and more youthful. Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in the increase of production of collagen so does chemical exfoliants such as aphahydroxy acids promote the synthesis of new healthy collagen. This facial starts with a pre-peel cleanse, followed by a 20%/30%/50% unbuffered, un-neutralized low PH Glycolic peel. A Seaweed mask rich in protein, flush with essential amino acids, finished off with a Collagen boosting serum and an AHA hydration massage.

    The Benefits of this facial:

    • Skin recovers elasticity
    • It penetrates cells and increases the strength and tone of loose or aged skin tissue. It also prepares the skin for deeper penetration of Collagen Serum.
    • Nourishes and fortifies the skin and activates the body’s own collagen generation.
    • Cell ageing is delayed by collagen and hyaluronic acid, which smooth and fill fine wrinkles in the epidermis, and promote cell regeneration in the basal layer of the skin. Wrinkling of the neck and around the sensitive eye area will appear to be reduced as the improvement to the epidermis lifts and conceals deeper creases in the dermal layer.

    60 Mins £110

    Brightening & skin pigmentation facial treatment

    This facial treatment is specifically for addressing skin pigmentation, dull skin, melasma, superficial wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Combining a gentle laser that effectively treats the tissue where the melanin resides, it is safe to use on all skin types light or dark. The skin resurfacing handpiece creates wide and shallow legions causing superficial destruction which increases permeability for the application of a topical CE Ferulic Antioxidant treatment up to 17 X deeper to achieve maximum benefits for skin pigmentation. A topical anaesthetic can be applied to reduce any discomfort and mild redness can occur up to 1-2 days after the treatment. Your skin will be softer, look luminous, bright and youthful with a noticeable reduction in pigmentation.

    60 Mins £150

    Super facials

    FA Super facials have been designed meticulously to produce flawless results in minimum time, leaving you with luminous youthful skin without the downtime associated with more advanced facials. These facials were originally designed for beauty savvy A-list Londoners looking to keep their skin in immaculate condition all year round. Facial Alchemist super facials are the perfect fortnightly lunch time facial.

    Available during all opening times

    Deep cleanse & exfoliating super facial

    Includes extractions and Millia removal.

    A highly nourishing detox for your skin, An ultrasonic oxygen cleanse, pumpkin enzyme exfoliation, followed by a chemical peel containing Niacin, Lactic Acid and Usnic Acid exfoliate all skin types, finished off with an illuminating skin serum and moisturiser. This is a staple facial to restore dry skin, stimulate collagen production and unblock pores. Tackles fine lines and wrinkles for beautifully nourished, youthful looking skin.

    A clinical yet indulgent lunchtime facial leaving your skin rejuvenated and glowing. Main active ingredients are Salicylic Acids, 30 % AHA’s & Fruit Enzymes, Lactic, Niacin and Usnic acids.

    (A course of 12 facials taken monthly £850)

    60 Mins £95

    Vitamin C super facial

    Alpha Hydroxy Acid foaming cleanse, oxygen tone, Vitamin C Infusion mask, 15% Vitamin C Serum, Hyaluronic Acid Serum and AHA moisturiser.

    (A course of 12 facials taken monthly £650)

    30 Mins £65

    Ultimate lifting rejuvenation facial

    Includes extractions and Milia removal.

    Lifting, Sculpting and renewing this facial is designed to naturally lift the mid-face, de-puff the eye area and soften fine lines. Suitable for all skin types starting off with a 3 step cleanse, targeted light medical microdermabrasion, extractions if required. A signature massage combining deep tissue massage and a lifting and sculpting massage using Vitamin and hyaluronic Acid serums finishes off this super facial.

    65 Mins £95

    Acceleration skin booster

    Brightening Exfoliation

    Full of active ingredients and natural Tyrosinase inhibitors help to refresh the skin by removing dead skin cells and debris to enhance the absorption of natural brighteners. A concentration of Tumeric extract, Jojoba, Japanese mushroom derivative and extract of apple brightens and lightens first signs of hyperpigmentation

    Enzyme Smoother

    Harnessing the potency of BioAstin, Cranberry & Pomegranate, this chemical exfoliation breaks down and restores keratinized skin cell build up. Combined with anti-oxidants to provide anti-inflammatory and nourishing benefits.

    Flower Enzyme

    Revitalizes skin with fruit enzyme that gently remove superficial dead skin cells. Flower & Plant extracts contribute to mild organic acids to gently stimulate and tone skin while providing antioxidant protection

    Conditioning Restorative Booster

    Deeply hydrates, improving elasticity and overall skin health, Soy Bioflavins, Red clover and Acai extract contain conditioning and anti-oxidant ingredients hat soothe and restore skins strength.

    Seaweed & Marine Extract Facial Boost – A soothing, nourishing and purifying skin saver, rich in antioxidants, Algae extract, Arnica Montana, Wheat Proteins and herbal ingredients.

    Lactic Acid

    Smooth’s, hydrates and brightens, improving the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation discolourations. An Anti-oxidant rich cocktail of Bilberry, Blueberry & Mulberry provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

    (Any 24 Facial Skin Boosters £960)

    45 Mins £50

  • Eyelashes

    Silk individual eye lashes

    Providing thickness and length to individual eyelashes. Extensions are blended with your natural eyelashes.

    Full Set - 90 Mins £80

    1/2 Set Graduated - 60 Mins £60

    Infills & Tidy - 45 Mins £40

    Russian/3D Volume individual Eye Lashes

    This multi-lash technique involves adhering synthetic, ultra-fine lashes onto a single natural lash. Russian Layering is perfect for those wanting a full, high impact glamorous look, with maximum natural looking volume and definition.

    Full Set - 2 Hours £175

    Infills & Tidy - 45 Mins £50 60 Mins £65

    Silk Mink Individual Eye Lashes

    Full Set - 90 Mins £90

    1/2 Set Graduated - 40 Mins £70

    Infills & Tidy - 45 Mins £40

    Real Luxury Mink Individual Eye Lashes

    100% authentic mink fur for a luxurious “velvet-like” appearance and the most natural result available.

    Real mink eyelash extensions are superior to man made lashes. They’re beautifully soft, more natural looking, and are so lightweight that you don’t even notice you have them on. Canadian and Siberian Real Mink eyelash extensions are cruelty free; no animals are ever harmed in the process. Hairs are harvested by gentle brushing, then sanitised so that even people with allergies to animals should be able to wear.

    Full Set - 120 Mins £125

    1/2 Set Graduated - 80 Mins £95

    Infills & Tidy - 45 Mins £40 60 Mins £60

    Cashmere eye lashes

    Full Set - 90 Mins £80

    1/2 Set Graduated - 60 Mins £60

    Infills & Tidy - 45 Mins £40

    Eye lash tint

    30 Mins £22

    Lash removal

    20 Mins £20

  • Eyebrows

    Precision brow shape

    Precision tidy of existing brow shape, including removal of any unwanted facial hair to the sides, using a combination of waxing, threading and plucking as required.

    20 Mins £18

    Definition brow shape

    Treatment is as described in Precision Brow Shape above, followed by application of a high depth tint and finishing products, ready for you to walk out brow ready.

    30 Mins £30

    Depth Brow Tint

    A high depth professional tint to add definition and overall enhancement to the eye area – lasts up to 4 weeks un-smooth, dry or brittle nails. No polish is applied - for natural and nude nails this is the perfect bare nail manicure.

    20 Mins £18

  • Customised Massage

    De-stress with a Mauli rituals massage

    Originally created for spa treatments at the Bulgari Spa and now available at Fox Beauty London. In Ayurveda it is said that constitution, personality and lifestyle combine to identify ones primary Dosha or vital energy. Age, circumstances and seasonal changes also impact on which Dosha is dominant at any given time. While we all recognise the power of massage and physical touch, it’s important to choose oils that support the healing of specific physical and emotional discomfort.

    Step into deep relaxation and feel the tension melt away with a Mauli Rituals Deep Tissue Massage using blissful Ayurvedic blends to balance energies governing the body’s biochemical changes; Pacify a fiery mood, strengthen joints, soothe tired heavy bones and eliminate toxins.

    Choose from the following Dosha oils to accompany your customised massage.


    This cooling blend is carefully crafted with therapeutic oils of bergamot, lavender, lime, spearmint, sandalwood and rose absolute in a base of tissue healing evening primrose, sweet almond and jojoba


    A soothing blend of chamomile, frankincense, ylang ylang, spikenard, may chang, geranium and vetiver. In a nourishing base of sweet almond and sesame.


    Therapeutic oils of frankincense, ginger, juniper berry and stimulating eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and cinnamon in a base of strengthening almond and grapeseed.

    Express de-stress

    30 Mins £45

    Back, neck & shoulders

    45 Mins £55

    Full body massage

    60 Mins £80

  • Bridal Service

    Rock the Frock Bridal Package

    This package has been designed for a full skin preparation and beauty treatments to be taken in 3 sessions to the lead up to your wedding day

    Session 1 - 1HR 45

    3 months before your wedding day

    1 x Advanced clinical facial by the Facial Alchemist tailored to your skin needs

    An advanced facial can address any of the below skin problems, using various technologies such as Gentle Laser rejuvenation, Medical Microdermabrasion, Chemical or Enzyme Peels, Oxygen Treatments, Lymphatic drainage, and micro-needling. Your advanced clinical facial is subject to a full consultation:
    • Pigmentation
    • Dullness
    • Dry Skin
    • Acne
    • Black Heads & Milia
    • Uneven Skin Tone
    • Fine Lines
    • Superficial Scars
    • Large Open Pores
    • Superficial Age Spots

    1 x Eyebrow shape and tint

    1 x Eyelash tint

    Session 2 - 3 HRS

    1 month before your wedding day

    1 x Advanced Clinical Facial
    2 x Waxing of your choice
    1 x 30 Min Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
    1 x Any Set of Individual eyelashes of your choice

    Session 3 - 4.5 HRS

    Up to 2/3 days before your wedding day

    1 x Oxygen Facial treatment
    1 x Luxury Gel Manicure OR Japanese Manicure
    1 x Luxury Gel Pedicure OR Japanese Manicure
    1 x Eye Brow Shape
    1 x Eye Brow Tint
    1 x Eye Lash Top up, Tidy & Infill
    2 x Wax of your choice

    Includes light refreshments


    Preen Polish & Pamper Bridal Day

    1 x Oxygen Facial
    1 x Manicure of your choice
    1 x Pedicure of your choice
    2 x Wax area’s of your choice
    1 x Eyelash Extensions of your choice
    1 x Eye Brow Shape
    1 x Eye Brow Tint
    1 x 30 Min Mauli Rituals Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage
    1 x Lower Lash Tint